Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Craft Time!

Hey guys,

Well I was getting jealous of everyone else and what they were doing on their blogs so I just thought I would share a little bit of what I've been doing the past couple hours...

First up is a beautiful candle that I did by hand. I bought a lump of wax and literally carved out the shape with a knife. I also printed a nice little message about what friendship means! I hope you enjoy.

Next up is a blanket that I have been crocheting this evening and I just finished. This is it. I really like the colors. I have always loved blue and light light lavender together.
Tell me what you think guys...I'll keep the crafts coming if I get some good feedback on them!
Love you guys. Spence.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things I have been noticing...

Things I have been noticing…

What has happened to elevator etiquette? To many times I come out of the elevator and someone walks right in…same goes with the LRT. Yes I take the LRT but I always wear gloves so I don’t have to touch anything.

Another thing about the bus/LRT…there are always those people that sprint to the LRT even though it doesn’t leave for another 3-4 minutes. At South Campus there is an electronic sign that tells you when the train departs. More people need to use this feature as to save energy.

In a waiting room…I hate when there is a row of 5 chairs and someone sits on the 2nd from the left or right. Doing so eliminates any chance of seating 3 on the row of chairs. If that person were to sit on one of the end chairs or the very middle then 2 other people could sit comfortably. It’s kind of like the urinal rule in a guys bathroom.

So a couple months ago on the LRT I saw this lady eating this discussing toast/egg breakfast meal on the train. It looked hideous. Anyways, she took a bite, was chewing and then as she was chewing I could see a sneeze coming on. Located directly in front of her was an older blonde woman. They were both seated. So lady #1 sneezes and out comes this terrible bread/egg and little bits go into lady #2’s hair. Terrible. Just terrible. This is why I don’t sit anywhere near people on the LRT. This is also why I never touch any handrails/or buttons on the LRT.